creature swirl

in the key of c#

snuck into a shard of sunrise
tryin’ to get my peace for free
but all i get is fear
snark on my back

dark creations from my palm
half a creature, half a man
wrathful emanations
tearing flesh from my bones

this splintered looking glass
in a theatre without mass
a ballroom for a field
the masquerade revealed

sucked and fucked, a pyre erected
traipsing hell, all cells infected
with their lie
infinite sorrow too

left and right, decaying forms
deluded armies blowing horns
there’s seven thousand million hearts
a’ beat inside my mind

the magic lantern sways
a silhouetted thought ballet
sat under hanging bough
performing here and now

let’s keep the tribe together
else we’re driftin’ souls forever
get this obsession girl
you’re on the creature swirl
obliterate your world
with just a little pearl
get on the creature swirl

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