i’m a devil

in the key of E

i’m a devil
don’t listen to a word i say
yeah, devil
you know i’ll find a way to make you unhappy

get all of the sweet thoughts
outta your head
unbutton your lips
get down on the bed

oh devil
a’ waiting patiently for a soul in doubt
yes devil
i’m always on the edge
of what ever’s about

i don’t need fire
to make the good things burn
now you’re feeling sorted
i’ll be there to make you yearn

you’re idle and alone
and i’m your old friend
oh devil
there never was a will
i wasn’t able to bend

ever at hand
sunrise and moonlight
dangling fruit
for you to take a bite
i don’t care
and may i pronounce
i’m a real heavy metal
but i don’t weigh an ounce

your devil
and i ain’t really looking for your sympathy
for i am you
and you are me, yeah
sitting pretty
at the top of the tree

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