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Presentation to Napier Estates Department (December 2016)
MSc student presentation: Herb-e
MSc student presentation: Design for a portable, responsive and sustainable Garden
Work less, Waste nothing, Share abundance – Graham Bell
The GROW Obervatory – Nick Taylor
Reflections on doing a show garden at Chelsea RHS Flower Show – Shaun Lawson

Light and dark tools for consumers and designers of solar.
Find My Shadow: calculate the position and height of the sun anywhere in the world on any date and plot the shadow cast by the sun at different times of the day.
SunCalc: shows sun movement and sunlight phases during the given day at the given location.

Site analysis

How to do good site analysis
Wind Flow Charts


Plants for a Future: database of 7000 edible and medicinal plants
The Plant List: a working list of all plant species
Native trees of Scotland
Heritage Seed Library: conserving vegetable varieties that are not widely available
Scotia Seeds: Scottish wildflowers and meadow mixtures


Permaculture Scotland
Edinburgh Sustainable Development Partnership
EAUC: The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges
The James Hutton Institute: one of the Scottish Government’s main research providers in environmental, crop and food science
Local Energy Scotland: helping Scotland’s communities and businesses benefit from renewable energy
Transition Edinburgh


Edinburgh Tool Library: borrow, learn, give, teach
Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative
Dig In Bruntsfield: Community Greengrocer


User Experience Principles
Permaculture Principles
The Hannover Principles: Design for Sustainability.
SIGCHI: HCI and Sustainability
Rochdale Principles


Phenomenology: the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


All looked over by machines of loving grace (Adam Curtis)
Lo and behold (Werner Herzog)


Chelsea Green Publishing: the politics and practice of sustainable living
The Whole Earth Catalog: access to tools and ideas


Masanobu Fukuoka: natural farming and re-vegetation of desertified lands
Robert Hart: evolved the idea of Forest Gardening
Bill Mollison: the father of permaculture
David Holmgren: permaculture vision and innovation
Graham Bell: changing the world one day at a time
Patrick Whitefield: pioneering European permaculture teacher
Alan Watts – philosopher, writer, speaker