Final Permaculture Design Course weekend #6

The final PDC weekend took place on the weekend of 5/6th of August 2017 at Garden Cottage, where our three sub-groups presented their designs.

Saturday 5th

First up was John and Morticia with their ‘Stirlingshire golf course permaculture boundary’. John managed to obtain footage of a drone flyover of their site! Morticia Skyped-in from home. A great project, excellently delivered.

After lunch we presented our ‘Lion’s Gate Interactive Permaculture Garden’ – which seemed to go down well too.

Lions Gate Mood board
Lions Gate Mood board

Katrina Dunlop’s Lion’s Gate design analysis (PDF)
Erik Biol’s Lions Gate three projects analysis (Word doc)
Lions Gate design elements (PDF)

Gordon Solway's community mind map
Gordon Solway’s community mind map

Sunday 6th

Graham cooked us all a personalised breakfast. Delicious start to the day.

After breakfast Paul delivered his and Conni’s ‘Guerrilla Gardening’ in Tottenham, North London. An inspiring and radical approach to permaculturing urban waste-ground.

We then had lunch and everyone gave a bit of themselves to the group. There were songs, stories, poems, limericks and games.

We then tied things up and said our goodbyes.

A wonderful experience with some truly fantastic people.

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