the universal mind soul blues

in the key of A

we emerge somewhat disheveled from the haze
we observed hell turn to heaven, oh my days
i can’t tell you momma, but i’m into this phase

on the road the real seeps in slowly from afar
an abode, warm and inviting, door ajar
a breakfast of music for a pioneering heart

on the banks of the amstel, on a bridge over the seine
a few francs in an old hat and a bottle round the flame
with no expectations, the fix is the same

when you lose yourself you find
a way into the universal mind

there’s so many people and so much to know
just one destination, but many ways to go
keep painting the picture and singing the song
don’t wait on the future, it’s here and it’s gone

sha la la la la la la

(co-written with Tim Fidelo)

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