VKRF: Information for Action on Climate Change design meeting

On the 4th September I met in Edinburgh with Chris Warburton-Brown and Nigel White from the Permaculture Association to discuss the design of online resources for the VKRF funded project: Information for Action on Climate Change.

A particularly productive and warm-hearted design meeting that garnered agreement on key decisions concerning the project:

  • Regular Skype sessions on the first Thursday of every month at 11a.m.
  • Nigel to handle the development of the online system
  • Myself to provide UX experience, in the first instance wire-frames of the simplified card-based interface solutions and the broader detailed web pages
  • The need to employ a designer around December time
  • Employing the services of a marketing expert
  • A plan to focus efforts on developing one solution for each of the main climate change challenge areas:
    • Water
    • Soil
    • Plants
    • Food
    • Agro-ecology
    • Buildings
    • Energy
    • The economy
    • Social organising
    • Personal resilience
    • Changing world-views
    • Education

It’s an exciting project with great potential for follow-on funding, possibly via crowdsourcing.

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