calI work with digital media, music and nature . I’ve earned a crust from many pursuits, but for thirty years I’ve been engaged consistently with music and video, and inspired by nature, activism and consciousness. Since 2002, having upgraded my analog skills – I’ve worked in digital media as a designer-developer, information architect and user-experience practitioner. For eight years I worked as media producer on three highly regarded EU-wide computer-science research coordination actions – PerAda, Awareness and FoCAS. During this time I also designed and managed the leading online resource on Robert Louis Stevenson.

Currently I’m employed by Edinburgh Napier University’s Research and Innovation Office (RIO) as a Senior Content Producer (0.6), and from October 2016 – as a Research Fellow (0.4) in Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Interaction Design – where I explore how permaculture (a ‘sustainable’ design framework), and digital interaction, can be blended in ways that foster reflection on human-kinds intrinsic connection to nature, and how this can be leveraged to produce well-being and ecological activism.

I also design the SIGEVOlution newsletter and advise across university, business and third sectors on digital media solutions.

My research interests surf; being, nature, activism, music, and documentary.

In praxis my craft involves design thinking, media production and creative direction.

I play guitar and write songs too. So may I introduce to you The Suns of Albert:
YouTube | Soundcloud | Bandcamp.

You can contact me at: callumegan@hotmail.com.