calI work with digital media, music and nature . I’ve earned a crust from many pursuits, but for thirty years I’ve been engaged consistently with music and video, and inspired by nature, activism and explorations of consciousness. Since 2002, having upgraded my analog skills – I’ve worked in digital media as a designer-developer, information architect and user-experience practitioner. For eight years I worked as media producer on three highly regarded EU-wide computer-science research coordination actions – PerAda, Awareness and FoCAS. During this time I also designed and managed the leading online resource on Robert Louis Stevenson.

Currently I’m employed by Edinburgh Napier University’s Research and Innovation Office (RIO) as a Senior Content Producer (0.6), and from October 2016 – as a Research Fellow (0.4) in Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Interaction Design – where I explore how permaculture (a sustainable design framework), and digital interaction, can be blended in ways that foster reflection on human-kinds intrinsic connection to nature, and how this can be leveraged to produce well-being and ecological activism.

I also design the SIGEVOlution newsletter and advise across university, business and third sectors on digital media solutions.

My research interests surf; being, nature, activism, music, and documentary.

In praxis my craft involves design thinking, media production and creative direction.

I play guitar and write songs too. So may I introduce to you The Suns of Albert:
YouTube | Soundcloud | Bandcamp.

You can contact me at: callumegan@hotmail.com.